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Casa de Dina

Tiny family hotel in Miraflores - Peru  

Booking:    Phone: (+51 1) 241 9834
Mobil: +51 998 533 606

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When our house grew too large, we separated 6 rooms for a tiny hotel - Bed & Breakfast.
The house is placed in center of Miraflores, as is the most touristic and safe town district in Lima. It is so central located, that it is possible to walk around to the most - shopping centres, museums and galleries, exhibitions, ruins, parks and the hundreds of restaurants - even down to the coast of Pacific Ocean you can walk.

Of the 6 rooms, three hold private toilet with bath and too television - the resting three rooms are sharing two bathrooms with access from the corridor.
All bathrooms are with shower and hot water.
All rooms have wifi.

Our hotel is mostly visited by foreigners from Europa, coming to Peru as tourists or for business - but we have nearly permanent one or two forreign students, as live here while they attend an educational semester here in Lima.
Of this reason we of course have special tariffs for longtime stay.

As family hotel we have common areas as dining room, living room, courtyard and balcony to disposition for smokers, and this signify, that we too can offer space for meetings, conferences, weddings etc - up to around 24 persons up in the roofgarden - and a little less indoor in the daily and dining rooms, what is more actual in the winter.
Painting exhibitions and even concerts we have hold in the central hall.

With 6 rooms only at disposal we need to ask for reservation. Mostly to be sure to receive you.
The best way to do this will be by communicating directly with Dina:
An overnight stay include breakfast (7am-9.30am) but too a depot for suitcases and backpacks, while you are travelling around in the country.

The most important is the expected attival time, so we can be at home to receive you.
We have no fixed check-out, so the rooms are to disposal for the guests until they depart.

Calle Cantuarias 236 - between Av. Larco and La Paz.

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street map of Miraflores


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